Постное меню
MARCH 18 2024 Read more

Lenten menu

Starting March 18th, Corner has a special Lean menu. We know how important it is to diversify the diet during Lent. Brand chef of iconfood restaura...

Масленичная неделя с 11 марта по 17 марта в Corner!
MARCH 12 2024 Read more

Maslenitsa week from March 11 to March 17 in Corner!

This year, our best chefs, under the guidance of the Brand chef of the iconfood restaurant holding Pavel Larionov, have prepared a special menu. Al...

Десерты 8 МАРТА!
FEBRUARY 29 2024 Read more

Desserts on Women's day

A wonderful spring holiday on Women's day is coming very soon! Traditionally, our pastry chefs have prepared a festive collection of handmade dessert...

Десерты 23 февраля
FEBRUARY 16 2024 Read more

Desserts on February 23rd

It's no secret that men also love sweets. Traditionally, for Defender of the Fatherland Day, we have created a line of themed desserts that are sui...