Desserts for February 23

FEBRUARY 15 2021 Десерты к 23 февраля
We know for sure that men love sweets too! For them and not only we have prepared a line of desserts for the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Kakpeiki in four versions, which can be purchased in the set: "Gentleman" - a truly masculine taste: a biscuit with caramel topping, whiskey and coffee cream, decorated with a pot and a mustache made of chocolate. Raspberry “Victory” and blueberry “Bravery” cupcakes with gold stars, as well as “Valor” strawberry cakpeak with a scattering of small stars. The cakes with the "Red Velvet" filling in camouflage colors cannot be ignored either. "Defender" with the taste of "Snickers" and a charming figure of a border guard. And small, but very nice gifts, sweets - curly gingerbread cookies with numbers 23 and various cake pops. The pre-order of themed desserts is open 48 hours in advance.