Winter menu

DECEMBER 19 2022 Зимнее меню

This year, winter inspired the brand of chef Pavel Larionov for bright combinations of flavors. The new winter menu will pleasantly surprise you with interesting and attractive dishes.

Let's start our gastronomic journey with a snack - Rabbit liver Terrine with gorgonzola sauce and sweet onion confit. Shrimp curry lemongrass with almond petals with chervil salad is an unusual dish that reminds us of the summer sun:

Salad with crispy duck is a combination of notes of pomelo citrus and sweet plum hoisin, mixed salads and pine nuts. The menu also features Corn cream soup with smoked salmon and pak choi, which is sure to warm on a frosty day.

The main dishes are Rigatoni burrata with dried tomatoes, Parma ham and delicate tomato and cream sauce.Stewed lamb shank with wasabi mashed potatoes, pine nuts and chives. And also sea bass with pearl perlotto, asparagus, truffle oil and parmesan cheese.

At the end of our trip, it is worth paying attention to the Burger with crispy onions, mushrooms, gorgonzola, bacon and maasdam cheese, which is served with French fries.