APRIL 27 2021 Пасха
The end of Lent is approaching, which means that Easter is coming soon! On the eve of a bright and family holiday, our pastry chefs have created an Easter collection. Beautiful Easter cakes, funny cupcakes, colorful cake pops, cottage cheese Easter, airy marshmallows and curly cookies. Lush Easter cakes, decorated with armfuls of spring flowers, cute hares and chickens. They will definitely become the main decoration of the festive table. In addition to Easter cakes, there are cupcakes with bunny ears, little chickens and Easter eggs. Sets of marshmallows, based on applesauce with natural vanilla, as well as with the addition of black currant, with bird cookies in 2 variations - an excellent gift for family and friends. For those who are going to visit, we have collected Easter gift sets that are convenient to take with you: Easter cake, cookies, cake pops, Easter cottage cheese and colored eggs for a large and friendly family. The pre-order of Easter products is already open on the site.