Warming drinks

NOVEMBER 15 НОЯБРЯ 2021 Согревающие напитки

This fall, brand bar manager Asker Khashev created a line of drinks with a reference to the work of John Steinbeck. Nobel laureate in literature and one of the greatest writers of the 20th century.

Let's start our literary journey with the Grapes of Wrath grog - with light rum, coconut flakes, elite tea and cherry juice. The basis of the drink is fruits, as the main plot of the novel: the family travels to California in search of work on fruit farms. Do you remember the name of the family who worked on the orange plantation? Jode! Enjoy citrus raff with thyme for a second to delve into the memories of the book you read, because it is beautiful.

Mulled wine Gift - on white wine with raspberries, apple and spices. A reference to the work of the same name - apples, as a pony's favorite delicacy, which was presented to the boy.

Lee and Hamilton tea with blackberries, honeysuckle jam and mint. Let's draw a parallel with the novel "East of Paradise": the heroes often sat at tea and had philosophical conversations.

The story "Pearl" in which a pearl diver pulls out a huge pearl from the bottom in California Mexico. Our tea reflects the delicate taste of the nature of that region - the tropics: a combination of mango, passion fruit and lemongrass.

Cocoa Ethan Hawley, that was the name of the protagonist of the novel Winter of Our Troubles, who worked in a grocery store, where you can always find cocoa on the shelf. Our drink is non-trivial: with Belgian chocolate, mango and passionfruit.

Flat tortilla is a coffee drink with milk, creamy caramel and Brittle. And if you haven't guessed, then this drink is based on the title of the story, where a certain company of young people finds themselves in many funny and humorous situations, living life with ease.