Desserts 8 March

FEBRUARY 26 2021 Десерты 8 марта
On the eve of the wonderful holiday on March 8, we have prepared a collection of handmade desserts. Cupcakes, cakes and pasta are strewn with different spring flowers in pastel colors. A great gift for your beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister or just a colleague at work. Any girl will be pleasantly surprised by a sweet gift: aesthetically pleasing and delicious! Big cupcakes are presented in 7 versions: “Taste of Spring” and “Sympathy” - pink and peach tulips; "Tenderness" - white rose; “Forget-me-not” - blue forget-me-not; “Refinement” and “Caprice” - pink and white chrysanthemums; “Blooming roses” is an unusual cupcake with an abundance of flowers and greenery, made in the Malaysian style. It is worth paying attention to the cakes, you will definitely find the “same” cake for every girl. “Vanilla Harmony” - stuffed with “Sundae”, decorated with cute peach gerberas; “Spring Garden” - with “Honey and Milk” filling, made in Malaysian style; like a real, enchanting garden of flowering plants! "Charm" - carrot cake with a scattering of pink tulips; "Flower Glade" - with "Red Velvet" filling, decorated with tulip buds on top; "Innocence" - covered with soft pink icing and delicate tulips. You can order it with your favorite filling of your choice : “Carrot”, “Red Velvet”, “Snickers”, “Chocolate Dream” or “Honey and Milk.” In addition, we have prepared new pasta for the holiday, which can be purchased only until March 8 inclusive! Vanilla, strawberry and black currant We recommend that you order your holiday desserts in advance, because pre-orders are already open on our website!